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over 7 years
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About OChena Design
OChena Design is an innovative freelance business that has a primary target market in visual communications. My main focus is for all businesses, small or large, and their need for us to be brains in Graphic Design and Branding.
My goal
My mission at OChena Design is not only to create clients Graphic Design vision but to create a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We believe that wise and powerful Branding is crucial to developing awareness and genuinely focusing on specific target audiences. I make professional decisions with great pride based on many factors: extensive market and target audience research, market sizes, competition, the customer want/needs, and then, of course, the product or service we are representing. I promise to work only in intelligent, clean, and easy ways to communicate my client’s vision.
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    How I do
    my work

    I highly believe that we need to know where we want to go before we start walking. That being said, I like to do critical thinking and research for any of my projects. I think we create businesses for the public, and we need to know why they will choose us.