This is a question we hear often with young entrepreneurs and business owners. Our answer is simple: “maybe”

Every business is different, depending on the circumstances, resources, budget, personnel and others. The way the business is run usually determines if the business should be doing its own marketing or use outside help.

Here are some questions business owners should ask themselves before starting their own marketing:

Do you have the time to run your own marketing?

This is an important question for most business owners, that gets overlooked most of the time. This is because as business owners we see marketing as a fast and easy  task to accomplish, and in a way it is.

However, It is important to remember that marketing is putting your business in social media and software platforms. But, professional marketing is using tools and research to broaden the audience and create more accurate results. This means that if your goal is for your followers to see your business and be casual, just post some stuff everyday. Now, if you want to create followers and make sales happen, a more professional approach is needed, one that involves target audience, budget management , strategies, research, content creation, analysis and monitoring.

Does anyone on your team have any experience with marketing?

Sometimes is easy to just tell someone on your team to handle the business marketing, especially if we are paying them. General managers usually makes these decisions , but two things can happen here: 1. He(she) does really well with marketing, but loses track of the business itself 2. He(she) does well managing its job and is running marketing you are  paying for, but is the marketing really working as it should or are you just wasting money?

Giving the single task to run marketing to a team member that has the  time and proper work ethic can potentially work, but giving it to professionals will bring you accurate and effective results.

Why do you need marketing?

This is one of the crucial questions we need to be asking ourselves. We need to know our goals, for example, if the purpose of marketing was to create a brand, it is important to identify demographics for our business. On the other hand, if the purpose of our marketing is to have visuals for people to see online, we can appoint a team member to take and post pictures at their most convenient time. For online sales and engagement, it is absolutely necessary to create a specific audience, then create customers and last but not least, grow relationships.

Do you know who is your target audience?

Target audience refers to a group of people that can relate themselves with your brand and share your point of view. A target audience is necessary to create sales, engagement, business, contact, information and more.

Whether your business is small or large, you should always remember that marketing sells and in 2019, therefore it is necessary to grow. Doing marketing yourself or with help is a crucial decision.  It is important to remember that effective marketing requires time and knowledge.

By: OChena Design 

We are a Marketing business in the area of Greenville SC, we specialize in small businesses and we help create relationships and growth.