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A graphic designer at a pandemic

2020 is here and with it the pandemic of the decade. And if you are a graphic designer like me, you are probably asking yourself what to do?

Well, I have some answers for you and ideas that will keep you occupied and entertain during these times of slow business.

First, I think it is essential for our readers to know that work has considerably slowed down at OChena Design. But, I still have projects that we need to finish for some of our clients. The first thing to remember is that if you still have plans to work on, you need to finish by no means slow down or think that you should too if the business you work for stops operations. Remember that once this whole time pass, (and it will), you still have to work and make life easier for others by being a great graphic designer.

In the off case, you have no work line up.

Well, I understand there are cases where you don’t have much stuff to do anymore that what’s in the office that happened to be close. In that case, it is the most significant opportunity to sharpen your skills. As a busy graphic designer, I wish I had to learn new skills and how the latest designers are working nowadays, and it finally happened. Do the right research and find the right sources to take advantage of this extra time.

Practice projects are also an excellent way to keep you away from sitting on the couch, doing nothing. Most, if not all, designers know what our dream client company looks and should feel like. I think I spoke to everybody when I said that one imaginary company would hope that call us and give us the business of our life. Please write it down on a piece of paper, create the perfect scenario, and do the work. A practice project does not have limits and will go as far as you want to take it, and who knows? Maybe the company of your dream sees your hard work, and after this passes thru, give you a call.

Personal projects are a way to sharpen your skills or keep you relevant in the increasingly growing graphic design world. Set yourself a challenge! It can be anything like making a small logo every day or create 35 mockups for personal and professional use while I’m at home all these days. Individual projects can help you with speed in given future projects. It is essential to be realistic when starting an own project; do not challenge yourself to learn code at this time if you know it sounds like a lot. Small challenges are the way to go on this one; that way, you don’t bore yourself or waste your time.

Research can keep you busy. There are many new trends, apps, websites, and groups; you name it out there, waiting to be found by other designers. Do the research and look up the design that you like, refresh your headspace and remember why you became a designer in the first place. I’m not saying that most designers are on the branch of design that is not for them. Doing research and applying techniques can help you identify if there is another branch of design you like best.

Last but not least, take breaks! You must maintain yourself healthy. So, do not turn into a workaholic. Many of my co-worker designers believe that if you work all day and every day, then the pandemic will pass you by, and you won’t even see it. It is important to remember that an overworked and tired person can get sick more than a healthy person. Be cautious; I added a gym weight and an Xbox to my office to add a break in between work and learning, and it is working for me.

You can do many things to keep yourself occupied if you are a designer staying at home, we listed a couple of them, but there are many more. The main thing to keep in mind is that we will get through these hard times together, and at the end of the day, your job will be there for you.


Our tip: Stay calm and stay moving. The work of designers will never stop. Sent us an email to chat or exchange ideas to

By: OChena Design
I am a graphic designer in the area of Greenville, SC. I specialize in small businesses.
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