By: OChena Design
Greenville, SC

Ochena Design started as a designing company for small businesses just in charge of business cards, flyers, and online ads, a freelancer, said f you will. We work with all types of companies out there. After only two years, we have evolved into more important things.
We brand our company!. We found out that it is not just good enough to have a business that does things; we also needed a store that had an appearance. The idea came from knowing how we all rather talk to a person instead of a machine. That’s when we knew we needed a brand.

We sat down for a while(two weeks) to think about all our needs and future goals for Ochena Design, and we came out with the conclusion that it is easier for people to remember a personality that a person/business. That’s when we decided to brand the company, not only be a business out there. We created a likable character for our company, and we stocked with it all the way.
We branded. We wanted to have the same feeling from the logo, to the colors, looks, pictures, fonts, website, and just about anything related to the company.

A few years after, we feel like we have a strong brand and that it can change our industry with its given time. We know that change doesn’t just happen, but we know that adding that brand to our company will take us closer to our goals.

By: OChena Design
We are a beginner web design business in the area of Greenville, SC, we specialize in small businesses, and we help create relationships and growth.

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