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El Patron Anderson, SC


El Patrón it’s a restaurant based in Anderson, South Carolina. The restaurant has been open since 1998 and has served the community since then. And after the new re-branding of the restaurant, some designs need to be updated, such as the menu. So the owners of El Patrón reached out to me so that I could create a new fresh design.


The goal of this new design for the menu is to become fresher and more modern looking. Based on the redesign of the building itself, the actual food menu needed to become more clean and contemporary and keep a little of its traditional colors.


I started the research process by finding color combinations and different fonts that will represent the newest brand for the menu. Although I wanted the colors to represent the traditional values of a Mexican restaurant, colors such as green, white, and red must be present in the actual design. Changing the saturation and values of the colors helps modernize them. I end up with an excellent modern yet Mexican pallet of colors.




For the fonts, I try to use only two fonts; one of them should be able to have a variety of different options such as bold, under strike, and even italic. The other font should be able to be proactive and look great in bigger sizes.




After having all the elements together, including the pictures, I started the designing process. It was a full day for photography of some of the menu items. The entire design of the menu took about two weeks.




I enjoy the job I did for El Patrón in Anderson, South Carolina. To this day, we have a working partnership with the owners of El Patrón; we have continued to do projects for the last few years.




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