Hockey Jersey

Connolly’s Irish Pub

Connolly is an Irish pub located in Greenville, South Carolina. A friend who bartends at this Irish pud has asked me to create a design for their hockey jerseys. This design will be in matches to advertise the bar they represent. The main idea for these jerseys is to have a simple method for many prints. Nothing fancy.


I started the process of researching other jerseys in simple but meaningful symbols. I’ll find out that the Irish four-leaf clover was the perfect symbol for these jerseys. The green will match the green on the jerseys and also the colors inside the bar itself.

I begin by drawing the Irish four-leaf clover in a simple silhouette, making it easy to read and understandable. I then added a hockey stick to the back of the clover to symbolize hockey. And put these two elements inside a circle which could be the pod of the hockey itself but would also be easy to print.




For the letters inside the logo, I decided to write Connollys in an old English font, which reminds me of Irish bars and gives the design a touch of nostalgia. The font color is Yellow. It contrasts with the jersey but is not overpowering since the primary color is the green jersey.


Overall I was pleased with the results of this simple but fun design.


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