Posters Project

Los Bartenders

Los bartender is a project that I start with one of the bars I work for back in the day. This project’s main goal was to create posters to advertise the days the other bartenders and I were working. In addition, we wanted the advertisement to be funny and for people to share these posters.
For the posters to be successful, we needed them to be clever and for people to remember scenes such as movie posters or book covers and then edit them with Photoshop to make them funny and fun.



I started the process for these posters by researching what was funny, what people liked the most, and trends in all sorts of genres. So, I quickly discovered that movie covers are among the top genres influencing people to share and like.



I started the research by looking for popular movies, popular album covers, and just, generally, scenes that people remember the most. From this research, I created a library of different images that people will remember and have liked in the past. Successful campaigns. I also made a library with the faces of such bartenders. Finally, I started the same process by moving parts of the poster for legal reasons and editing the designs to look like art.

The finished project was a library for easy use to create unique posters that hundreds of people could share.


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