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PMI Southern States – Victor Sanchez

 Branding / marketing

Victor Sanchez works with PMI Southern States, a franchise company all over the USA. The main focus of the company is Property Management, which means they work with commercial and residential clients all the time.

The initial focus of the project was to stand out from other business on the Property Management field, create a sense of trust in all billboard, making the brand look clean and professional just like its offices in South Carolina.

I made research for a few days to figure out how we can achieve PMI Southern States goals. First, the trust part became very important to me, so we decided that the face of the company will Victor, he has the professionalism and trust of his regular clients. And, his image sets the tone for what PMI Southern States can do for future clients. Then, I work around the company colors and background colors to stand out from the rest of the states competitors. Finally, I cleaned the clutter from previews ads by the completion, which make the design as a whole more professional.

Way more work when into the designs, but this is the basics.

I created billboards, merchandise, posters, video presentations and even a car wrap for Victor. The work has been constant and pleasant. For more information in projects like PMI Southern States contact me at