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Taqueria Picante

 Branding / Restaurant menu design

The guys at Taqueria Picante in Anderson, SC contacted me to redesign their food menu. To make changes to the prices, pictures, overall design and quality needed for their customers.

The approach I take for this project was to make the menu work with the vibe of the restaurant and to the liking of their costumers. (Note: I been noticing how some design firms have an approach of new cool design and completely forget about the business customers, I always try to not have my design take over the customers values and views of the place).

I started with some research on the area and how business and restaurants deal with the demand of food on menus. I notice that pictures are very effective in these area, so I suggested visual forward pages, with plates that balance the overall product the restaurant uses. I notice the restaurant dark feel to it, so I decided to make the menu dark with light pictures and words to make it stand out (in my opinion it gives it the feeling of light in dark spaces, which is soothing), and easy to read. I choose happy colors, pictures and assets on dark background to highlight the restaurant vibe.

Way more work when into the designs, but this is the basics.

I created stamp tools, social media accounts and more for Taqueria Picante, and till this day I still redesign their menu every few years. For more information contact me at