“Facebook and Google!, that’s what we recommend if your business was a restaurant”, but unfortunately is not that easy. Different businesses out there call out for different platforms when it comes to online marketing.

So, what we are trying to say is that what may work for an online clothing business may not do anything for a landscaper business. For example, one of the top platforms for sharing clothing items and generate sales is Pinterest. Today, investing in facebook campaign could also be effective, but the Pinterest profile will be highly needed. On the other hand, a landscaping business may want to advertise on local platforms like the  neighbor app or facebook communities, these can bring more yards to cut for them.

So, how do we know where to advertise?

Research is the answer! Here at OChena Design our research team will also take the time to investigate which platforms work better in that target audience area. It’s a tedious process and it can take as long as a month to identify the right platform for certain target audience, but it works.

Doing target audience and platform research can be intimidating for some businesses out there, but it is necessary. We have to remember that this kind of work will not only create results but also grow our engagement and create leads and sales.

By: OChena Design 

We are a Marketing business in the area of Greenville SC, we specialize in small businesses and we help create relationships and growth.