Tea canister design

 House of Goretti

House of Goretti is a Greenville, South Carolina, business that creates healthy alternative options for people’s wellness. They offer various food and consulting services related to health, including recipes for teas, energy drinks, and other wellness consumption assets.


The business owners recently decided to start advertising and selling their tea collection. The task was to create a tea canister design that would match the overall brand and represent wellness cleanly and sophisticatedly. I was assigned to work on the project and needed to incorporate elements tied to the business, such as green plants throughout the brand and earth colors that depict sophistication.




I researched their social media pages and website to see how the brand looks and made notes. I discovered that earth colors and green are some of their main assets, along with a clean aesthetic. For this label design, I used shapes from the House of Goretti logotype as background shapes that would be noticeable from far away and tie the whole brand together. I also added plants representing house plants in the House of Goretti social media page to bring a sense of calmness.


There is a peacock in some of their previous brands and advertisements, so I added it to the design to make it more engaging. It is positioned in the background and won’t be distracting from all the other calm assets. Finally, I added a cream color to the top of the canister to show that the lighter version of the drink is at the top, which adds to the feeling of goodness.


The House of Goretti tea canister design was approved on the first revision after approximately three weeks of work. I plan to continue working with this company on future projects.


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